Simple tutorial of how to install ejudge on Ubuntu 14.04

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Simple tutorial of how to install ejudge on Ubuntu 14.04

Post by zhomart » 11 May 2015, 15:04

Everytime I install ejudge on new debian based system, I have to search what packages to install. This tutorial will help me and other debian people.

1. Install Ubuntu 14.04
2. Install required packages

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sudo apt-get install -y make gcc build-essential bison flex zlibc zlib-bin libncurses5-dev expat libexpat1-dev gettext libzip-dev libzip2 mysql-client libmysql++-dev libcurl3 libuuid1 uuid-dev libelf-dev libelf1 libdwarf-dev libncursesw5 libmysqlclient18 libmysqld-dev libmysql++-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev

sudo apt-get install -y g++ openjdk-7-jdk fpc python python3 ruby2.0

sudo apt-get install -y kernel-patch-scripts patch strace subversion gdb libssl-dev sendmail
3. Create user "ejudge"

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sudo adduser ejudge
4. Prepare installing

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sudo  mkdir -p /home/judges
sudo chown ejudge:ejudge /home/judges
sudo chmod 755 /home/judges
5. Install as described in ejudge's official tutorial
Example of configuration

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./configure --prefix=/home/ejudge/inst-ejudge \
--enable-contests-home-dir=/home/judges \
--with-httpd-htdocs-dir=/var/www \
--with-httpd-cgi-bin-dir=/usr/lib/cgi-bin \
--with-rest \
6. Copy "ejudge-control" to "/usr/bin" so you can control ejudge just calling "$ ejudge-control"

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sudo ln -s /home/ejudge/inst-ejudge/bin/ejudge-control /usr/bin/ejudge-control
7. Start ejudge "$ ejudge-control start"

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